Medals are awarded in Battery Mode when the player performs a noteworthy action. They are different from the more difficult to acquire Badges.

Kill Medals Edit

Kill Medals are awarded when a player kills an enemy in a way that is different from a normal kill. If it involves killing more than one person, only a single bonus is given; it does not stack for each kill.

  • Aggression!

Kill an enemy while they are defending an area. Reward: 15 XP

  • Avengeance

Kill an enemy shortly after they killed a friendly player. Reward: 10 XP.

  • Gunslinger

Kill an enemy with a picked up weapon within 3 seconds of picking it up. Reward: 10 XP

  • Lockdown!

Kill 2 or more enemies while they are defending or attacking an area. Area must be clear after the kills are complete. Reward: 15 XP

  • Make Every Shot Count

Kill an enemy with the last bullet in a magazine. Reward: 5 XP

  • Multitalented

Kill an enemy with a secondary weapon after damaging them with your primary weapon. Reward: 5 XP

  • Savior

Kill an enemy that is damaging a teammate. The teammate cannot have died. Reward: 5 XP

  • Taste of Their Own Medicine

Kill an enemy with a picked up enemy weapon. Reward: 5 XP

  • Vengeance

Kill an enemy who killed you. Reward: 10 XP.

Rapid Kill Medals Edit

Rapid Kill Medals are awarded for killing a multitude of enemies in a short amount of time.

  • Double Kill

Kill two enemies in quick succession. Reward: 5 XP

  • Triple Kill

Kill three enemies in quick succession. Reward: 10 XP

  • Quadruple Kill

Kill four enemies in quick succession. Reward: 15 XP

Role Specific Medals Edit

Role Specific Medals are awarded for performing specific actions whilst playing certain roles.

  • Counter Sniping

As a Sharpshooter, kill an enemy sharpshooter. Reward: 15 XP