Top Speed 20 km/h
Crew 5
Operational Range 110 km
Armor 10-80mm
Weight 23 Tons
Main Armament 149.1mm Infantry Gun
Secondary Armament 7.92mm Machine Gun
Suspension Torsion-bar
Engine 296 HP Gasoline V12
Cost $35000
The Kitzingen is an Assault Gun.

Design Edit

The Kitzingen is based off the Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz 33B.

Crew Edit

The Kitzingen has a crew of five, consisting of a Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader/Radio Operator and Machine Gunner. The Loader/Radio Operator can be a bot, though it is not recommended because of its dual function.

Commander Edit

The Commander sits in the back left of the vehicle. The Commander has a hatch which he can unbutton to look out of, allowing much better observation. However, this makes the commander very exposed.

Driver Edit

The Driver sits in the front left of the vehicle, and has a vision slit that he can use for driving.


The Gunner sits slightly offset to the left in the center of the vehicle. The Gunner has the 149.1mm Infantry Gun at his disposal, which is effectiveness against fortifications, but less so against other armored vehicles.

Loader/Radio Operator Edit

The Loader/Radio Operator sits on the right of the vehicle, behind the Machine Gunner. Besides being responsible for loading the main gun, the Loader/Radio Operator has to operate the radio, which is very important for communicating with other vehicles and friendly infantry.

Machine Gunner Edit

The Machine Gunner sits on the right front of the vehicle, and has a 7.92mm Machine Gun in a ball mounting at his disposal. The machine gun has limited traverse, and is thus only useful for defending the front of the vehicle from infantry attack.