The Grenade is a very versatile tool to all soldiers, it being the smallest form of explosive support available to the infantry. A wide variety of grenades exist for a variety of different reasons.

Weapon Specific Edit

Fragmentation Grenades Edit

Fragmentation Grenades work by exploding into a number of fragments which are lethal in a finite radius. Thus, they can be dangerous to both friend and foe alike.

Achinsk Edit


The Achinsk is a Russian Fragmentation Grenade.

  • The Achinsk is a modification of a French design, and thus has similar performance.
  • The Achinsk does experience some fragmentation issues, causing it to produce a lower amount of fragments than is ideal. Thus, it should be used for its cheap cost rather than its effectiveness.
  • It is possible to use the Achinsk as a booby trap weapon with a zero-delay fuse.
  • Like most Russian grenades, the delay of the Achinsk is around is around 3.5-4 seconds. Though it is not recommended, if 'cooking' a grenade, the delay timing is very important to not cause friendly casualties.

Offensive Grenades Edit

Offensive Grenades rely on blast effect alone to cause casualties. Some feature slip-on fragmentation sleeves, which convert them to Fragmentation Grenades.

Degtyarsk Edit


The Degtyarsk is a Russian Hand Grenade of the Stick type. It is shown at the right with its slip-on fragmentation sleeve.

  • The Degtyarsk has a relatively complex arming procedure.