The Adriatic Entente (Adria Antant) is a Hungarian Faction in Battery Mode. It is one of the Secondary Seven.

Organization Edit

The Adriatic Entente's main rifle cartridge is 7.5x55mm and its main pistol cartridge is 9x19mm.

Rifle Section Edit

The Adriatic Entente employs a variant of the relatively rare Heavy Rifle Section organization. Being a middle-of-the-road faction in terms of wealth, it employs relatively balanced numbers of Repeater and Self Loading Rifles, and, unusually, generally issues two machine carbines in place of rifles to the riflemen. Generally, the Self Loading Rifles are concentrated in the maneuver element whilst the Repeater Rifles are issued to those in the light machine gun element, though the less experienced men in the maneuver element get some as well. The machine carbines are always in the maneuver element. The light machine guns utilized by the Adriatic Entente are usually strip-fed. The Adriatic Entente's Rifle Sections most often comprises 13 men.

The Rifle Section is led by an NCO who is armed with a machine carbine. He is expected to go forward with the attack personally whilst his assistant directs the considerable firepower of the two light machine guns. Each light machine gun is attended to by two men, one of whom fires whilst the other feeds strips continuously. Both these men have pistols as defense weapons,and the No. 2 for each gun has a rifle. One other member of the squad protects the light machine gun element with his rifle. The maneuver element contains the remaining six men, including two men who act as 'assault leaders' with their considerable firepower whilst three of the other men usually have self loading rifles. The final man in the grouping is usually armed as a grenadier with a repeater rifle.